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hotel smoking laws


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Hi hotel owners

An American friend has asked me if all French hotels are now non-smoking - and I realized I don't know! I assumed so as they are 'indoors' but perhaps there is a loophole?

Can someone enlighten me?

Many thanks.

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This concerns public rooms:

Attention : Depuis le 1er janvier 2008, il est également interdit

de fumer dans les cafés, les casinos, les cercles de jeu, les débits de

tabac, les discothèques, les hôtels et les restaurants.

It is possible under strict conditions to install special smokers rooms .


Le décret ne s'applique pas aux ponts à l'air libre des bateaux, quais

de gare découverts, abribus, tribunes non couvertes des stades,

chambres d'hôtel ou de maisons de retraite. Mais les règlements

intérieurs peuvent interdire de fumer.

So does not apply basically to hotel rooms, unless house rulings forbid it.



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Slightly off topic but during the summer months (whenever that was) we took advantage of the weather and ate outdoors.  What happened on all the occasions we did so was that someone at the next table was smoking and we then moved back indoors.   Obviously they are allowed to smoke outdoors and smoking is a personal choice so I do not have any problems there and the law allows people to smoke outdoors so its back indoors.  Again smoking as I say is highly personal such as the amount of wine one drinks but to take a cigarette between courses with the first course being a fruits de mer is just unforgiveable.  Palate and all of that.
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You can't smoke in the interior public areas of a hotel. The bedroom is not classed as a public area so yes you can smoke in the room providing it is designated as smoking. Having said that many hotels have used the law as an excuse to ban smoking in its entirety throughout the hotel. The main reason for this is because it keeps the place cleaner and cuts down the insurance.

Rules for B&B's are different because you are staying in a private home but having said that (and my wife and both being smokers) we do not allow it under any circumstances in the bedrooms and dinning area (until after dinner in the evening), we do allow it on the terrace and in the garden. My attitude is that if you want the business you have to go with the flow even at the cost of enjoying a smoke now and again in your own home.

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