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French Breakfast !

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Only just caught up with this thread as I've been away.  13€ for breakfast (even the buffet type) seems expensive to me, and I've done enough travelling around France this year in hotels .... 7-9€ for buffet with ham, cheese etc, if a real French / continental I would expect more 4-5€.  Whilst I am quite happy to eat the buffet breakfast if it is there, I am also quite happy with continental, as long as I don't have to pay a lot for it ....if it were 13€ I would definitely go somewhere else!

If you go B&B the breakfast is often included, so you can't always tell what the real price is!

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That's quite a bowlful, Chancer! I tend towards 2 Weetabix with s/s milk, a smoothie, apple, banana and fennel tea. In winter I change to porrage for my cereal most days. Actually, I'd be happy with that for two meals a day; I really enjoy it - plus it doesn't cost much to cook and no dirty pans!  [:D]

You can tell these temps in the 30s are getting to me and making me feel lazy - I'm inside hiding from the heat again - it's as bad as July!

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I overheard two French guests discussing the buffet at a B&B in Salisbury recently. They were totally bemused by the Shredded Wheat.

As for what we served when running a hotel in the Pyrenees: croissants, pain-au-chocolat, juice, tea/coffee/ bread and jams as basic and fresh fruit in season from the neighbours' trees. All for 5 euros. 13 euros just seems extortionate.
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[quote user="Ariège Author"]13 euros just seems extortionate.[/quote]

I couldn't agree more.  [:)]

Mrs Benjamin and I have recently taken to occassionally having breakfast out at either of the two small country hotels in our UK village.

Bacon, sausage, black pudding and either fried or scrambled eggs (all locally sourced) together with beans, tomatoes, mushrooms and fried bread. Coffee is ground and comes as many times as you like.

Just when you're feeling stuffed along comes toast (white or wholemeal) with butter and jam. Price £6 each.

It just is not worth getting all the ingredients together at home and then doing the cooking.

Very often we don't eat again until our evening snack.

We can also eat a carvery in the week for the sum of £3.67 each (Crown Carveries).

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[quote user="andyh4"]

13 €uros?


You were lucky




Mind you, I am not paying, so I suppose that makes a big difference.



We paid 22 euros last October in Brussels (Mind you that was at the Crown Plaza)!!


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16€ for breakfast where we stayed over the weekend; it was included in our very good value package, otherwise we'd have gone elsewhere. It's the first hotel I've stayed at for years that caters for Americans, English etc in large numbers, and was surprised to see a kettle etc for brew-ups in the bedroom, and a huge buffet breakfast including bacon, sausage etc. We had a peep at it, and it looked like a burnt sacrifice! The rest of the buffet on offer was very good.

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