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New Covid-related regulations off ALL restuarants


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(not only in the big cities)

This is from an English owner of a small restaurant in the countryside in France.."


the normal way, the person who phones to book a table can leave a

name ... Fred, for example, and a contact number. That's the

necessary information for the restaurant. The difference now is that

all people in the party have to give their full name and contact

information - that's quite a big difference both in terms of the

amount of data to be collected, and the number of "data

subjects" involved.


one person in the party refuses to give their information, what

should the restaurant do... refuse that person entry? What about if

they put down blatantly false information? Who is responsible then?

The guidance says that restaurants should have a register available

and ask customers to leave their details, but it is not mandatory.Due

to covid, we're not supposed to make a pen available (as we'd have to

disinfect it between each guest) so what if a person in a party does

not have a pen of their own... they'll use one from someone else and

thereby potentially contract the virus through contact with another

pen, which they wouldn't have had to touch if they'd chosen not to

leave their details (which they are allowed to do).


seems counter-intuitive that we should not use printed menus because

they have been touched by other people, but that we should incite

every person to touch a book to leave their details!


must now wear a mask even while seated, if not actually eating. You

can remove your mask to eat your starter, but must then put it back

on until the main course arrives. We believe that this will further

discourage an already timid public from eating out.


new measures also change the wording from "at least 1m between

tables" to "at least 1m between chairs at adjacent tables"

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