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Gite Christmas!


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Well, the gite is clean and cosy, the tree is up and the lights work, hopefully the boiler will do its job and the guests arrive on sunday for a week of Christmas cheer.
But as this is our first "Gite Year", I am feeling terribly responsible that our guests have a fabulous time and haven't considered our own plans yet!
Apart from providing the tree, I shall also leave out crackers, candles and v. small presents for the children.
Is there anything else I can do or should I just sit back and relax?
Any tips for relieving the stress or improving the gite from you gite "vets" out there?
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LAST EDITED ON 18-Dec-03 AT 12:44 PM (GMT)

>Is there anything else I can
>do or should I just
>sit back and relax?
>Any tips for relieving the stress
>or improving the gite from
>you gite "vets" out there?

Just sit back, relax and enjoy your own Christmas Em! We rented a cottage in St Ives one year with friends and took Christmas (in the form of food, drink, decorations and presents) with us - had a super time and I'm sure your guests will do the same!!

Best wishes......helen
PS - Where did you buy the crackers??

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It's our first Christmas with a gite too and we were in fact just today talking about whether people generally provide a tree or not? It seems a nice touch although we don't have a spare one but they don't seem expensive here (at least compared to what we used to pay in the UK!).

What Christmas decorations do people generally provide in their Gite(s) over Christmas?


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Our guests arrive tomorrow about 10pm, and will be staying until 3 January. I've put a decorated tree up, plus made a garland for across the fireplace, and I'm going out tomorrow to cut some fir branches and tie them in a bough shape with a tartan ribbon bow just to hang across the beams... I'll also tie a big bunch of mistletoe on the centre beam.

The lights for the tree, by the way, are in the shape of white candles - what a bargain! 5 per set from Leclerc!

I've put a bowl of clementines and a basket of nuts (cheap in Leclerc!)on the sideboard with some nut crackers, Christmas Crackers (Tesco Finest in the sale last year!), and a bottle of Freixenet 'fizzy' in the fridge. Oh, yes, and a small kilner jar of cherries in eau de vie that I made earlier this year.

Because the cottage is in a valley, TV reception is non existent without a satellite dish, so we have put in a selection of video films - Gosford Park, East is East, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Sound of Music - (in French!) etc..

I've perhaps gone a bit overboard, but because it's a little half timbered colombage cottage, it just cries out to be dressed up!

And yes - I feel responsible for their Christmas too! But the fact is, their cottage is warmer than ours, better equipped, better games and videos... hang on! I think I'll go and stay with them!


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A rather late follow up - the guests over xmas were lovely and even came to drinks with us on xmas day. The gite is in our grounds and we didn't have our families until boxing day, so actually enjoyed their company.
As to rates, I only went for mid season, as this is our first year and I wasn't sure what to do. But hopefully this will be repaid by word of mouth recommendations etc.
Did you go for higher season rates Judym? Think I might be braver next year, but we only had the one enquiry and one booking is better than none.
Didn't have to do any extra adverts, but in the end spent a bit on tree, crackers etc. Most other things like bubbly, fruit bowl,etc we try to do for each visitor anyway. I am envious of your fireplace Judym, as ours doesn't have one, but it is v. warm and cosy.
Didn't have to share the turkey, so all was well!!!
Hope you enjoyed yours too and best wishes for 04 bookings.
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