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Some time ago I looked around for a package that would control my bookings, produce standard letters and bills in any language and give me statistics on nationalities, favourite rooms etc.

I only found a couple and they never really did what I wanted so I wrote one myself which worked OK but it was a bit slow. I have recently found a package that I have tested and have now bought and I have to say its very good. It can be used for Gites, Chambres DHote, campsites, caravans, just about anything really and can be easily tailored to meet all needs and languages.

If you are interested then please send me a message via my Forum Inbox and I will tell you more as I dont want to break our advertising rules but I was so impressed I thought I should tell people.

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Presumably this is EasyBook.

Unless you have some financial interest in the product I cannot see why you cannot name it.

At 199 you would need to have quite a large enterprise to justify the cost and their website does not mention the facility to handle multi-lingual enquiries.

For most people with one or two gites or chambre d'hotes a diary and a copy of Word would be more than adequate.


Bob Clarke
Le Grindoux Properties SARL
[email protected]
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