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Suggestion from a renter


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We live in France now, but for a few years we rented gites for holidays (in fact, as soon as we came back we booked another one).

Like most English people who were new to this, we knew roughly which area of France we wanted to stay in (i.e. Dept), but not exactly where (e.g. town). So we went out and bought maps, spent ages ploughing through guidebooks, argued etc as to the merits of this place versus that, cos we had to stump up for a whole week in the same place.

If someone had said, well, we can give you some variety, give you a few nights close to the coast, a few nights on the plain, and a few nights in the mountains, we would definitely have taken it like a shot - and probably paid a premium for the variety. And the one we liked, we would have come back year after year.

Has anyone tried this?

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>If someone had said, well, we
>can give you some variety,
>give you a few nights
>close to the coast, a
>few nights on the plain,
>and a few nights in
>the mountains, we would definitely
>have taken it like a
>shot - and probably paid
>a premium for the variety.
>And the one we liked,
>we would have come back
>year after year.
>Has anyone tried this?

Not exactly - but this year we have booked a family into one of our country gites for the first week of their holiday, and our seaside house for the second.

We haven't yet worked out exactly how we're going to handle the changeover day, as obviously they have to leave the cottage in the morning and they can't have the house till the afternoon.
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