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Looking for a wheelchair-accessible gite in Seine Maritime


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I've just had someone enquiring about accessibility at our gite, but we realised it wasn't really suitable for his wheelchair-bound wife.

They are looking for a gite in Seine Maritime - does anyone know of anywhere, or any suitable disabled-friendly websites which may list one?



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I don't know of any in Seine Maritime but have six accessible apartments in Brittany, Côtes d'Armor - they may be interested!!

Please tell them to be aware of Gites de France and tourist board stating places are accessible though - I have visited 127 locally available places all supposedly accessible and actually found three others that I would consider to be accessible....the rest all had "small" steps, or no level access shower, etc. So I would definitely go for somewhere recommended by other wheelchair users.

Please email/pm me if you want my website details - don't know if I can post it here!![:)]


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Thanks Jaqui. I did warn them to be very careful if they booked through Gite de France, because I was a bit sceptical when I did a search and there were about 100 properties supposedly wheelchair accessible which I found a tad suspicious.

Anyway, they have now decided to stay in the UK this time, and maybe try again in France next year.

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The site above is info for people (like me) who want to get the label - "Tourisme et Handicap"..

It is always worth contacting your local APF - Association Paralyses de France, if they say something is accessible, generally it is, normally a disabled group member will have been round, visted the property and done an access audit - always ask if a gite or accommodation has an "attestation de APF". If they have then APF will have rated the property


For example:

Accessibilité avec une certaine autonomie:

Access de plein pied, au batiment

sans rupture se niveaux a l'interieur

possibilité d'utiliser la piece commune

circulation autour des 3 côtés d'un lit

etc, etc. If you want to see a copy of a certificate - have a look at my website - its on the page - downloads and then certificate of accessibility


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