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Income from gits


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My husband and I and two young children are looking for that elusive "better life". I know that state education in Francis good ans is the genral standard of living. I also know that selling up our home just outside london and buying in France would mean we would be mortgage free. We are looking at Loire valley, near saumur. We would have at least 2 gites and do b&b as well. I can get by with my French but am also starting lessons in Sep.

Does anyone have any advice on Loire area for gite renatlas ? And / or moving lock stock with young children ?

Many thanks

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[quote user="Pearly Spencer"]Hi,
     I have three Gits and the income from them is very low, no-one seems to be able to find them using the normal search engines, Be very careful how you advertise your Gits.

best regards



             bet you have named your 3 Gits  David , Mac and William ...?????


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Come on you lot, Oliversmum is after some help and advice from fellow forum members.

Yes, she made a funny spelling mistake, and we all do that. But give her a break.

As far as income from gites, and moving over here lock stock and barrel, this subject has been dicussed at great length before, so it would be worth looking in the archives on the forum.

We run a single gite in the Charente Maritime, if we multiplied its income times 4, then it would be a reasonable income, but do not expect to make too much money out of gites as the market does seem a bit floooded, although now is a buyers market as a few people have realised that they cannot make a living out of it. Am not sure about the Loire Valley though, but I suspect the same as the rest of France.

This is a huge subject, so I will not go on too much. We too had two young children when we moved over in 2003, they were 6 and 4, the first 6-9 months were not easy, but they are both very happy and fluent now, my wife was fluent before, and that does help a lot, especially with homework etc. The education system over here is a lot more traditional than the UK, also it may be worth looking on trhe education forum which has some excellent advice.

Do your research first, consider a long term rental in your chosen area as well.

And good luck.

We did it, and have not looked back.










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My hint, in all seriousness, is not to call them gîtes.  Not because it's difficult to spell properly, but because the word may now have connotations for some people, with experience of renting them years ago, of a certain shabby, amateurish, second-handness in their furnishings, decor and equipment.

Call them holiday cottages, country cottages, farm cottages, or even houses.

Build them ... and gits will come


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