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I've asked this question in renovations, but thought you folks might be able to help to.

I have a water supply to my farmhouse, and will need to take water across (about 15 metres) to another building (maybe 2 buildings).

If your gite is close to your home, did you splice off the water at your main supply to run to the gite, or did you need an new supply/meter?

thanks [:)]

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choccie, I don't know if we needed one as such, but we chose to get one, ie a new meter, just to save ourselves the trouble really, and because our renovation project was very close to the road anyway.

It cost us 300 euros, which we figured was money well spent in respect of the time etc that we probably would have spent in trying to splice off the main supply.

Depending on your circumstances it might be worth getting a new meter.   Of course then you have two lots of standing charges to pay I guess.

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