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How much do you charge for a winter let

Petit Romarin

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This may be something that people have to answer by PM and it may also be a 'how long is a piece of string' question. We have a 2 bed gite which rents for 650-700 euros in the summer.  The gite is on the same electricity circuit and same central heating system as our house so we can't ask renters to pay their own utility bills.

I've been letting it over the winter for the past two years but bearing in mind the enormous cost of gas central heating and also the electricity I'm not sure whether we haven't been charging too little in the past.

What would people charge or expect to pay for a 2 bed property, central heating, WIFI connection, own garden and pool (not that you'd use it in the winter) including all utilties?

Grateful for any feedback.


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