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An example of a dodgy booking enquiry


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If this is how they read...

Head Office:
Flat 2-1, 35,
Polwarth Street,
United Kingdom.


Could you please confirm availability and total cost for the dates stated below for 3 guests from the Scotland, UK. I am harrison jenny of the Flat 2-1, 35 Polwarth Street,Glasgow,G129UE Scotland, UK  of harrison Tours Rental Services Ltd.

Arrival Date: 6th may, 2008
Departure Date: 20th May 2008
Room Type: Standard single Room
Number Of Rooms: 3
Length of Stay: 2 weeks

Please advise availabilty.Moreover, what is the TOTAL COST in EURO or USD for the entire period? and the total cost however should reflect government taxes. As our policy, my agency will make a deposit for this booking via certified cheque, once availability and total cost is confirmed. Is this ok? Your prompt response will be appreciated and hoping that we could partner in the hospitality business.

Sincerely yours,




Then ignore and delete them. NEVER reply! Yahoo addresses always give them away.
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Beacause you have to send banking details and more. It's more for identity thelf more than anything. Once they have the confirmed information, they can use that information to gain access to all sorts of personal accounts. It would surprise you what they can do with just a little information. It's really scarey.

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