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Scam booking?


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We received the following enquiry via gites-directory.com, a couple of days ago.


Je suis Mr k****** j*** r******, pour nos vacances j'aimerais louer votre

etablissement,Période du 01 Octobre 2008 jusqu' au 20 Decembre 2008.

Nous sommes au nombres de 4 personnes.

(Mon épouse, mes deux fillettes de 12 ans et 7ans et moi)

Ceci dit je désire savoir si vous acceptez les règlements par carte de crédit

à l'avance ou dans le cas contraire un virement bancaire.

Veuillez nous répondre dès que possible s'il vous plait.


The address and telephone number supplied are from the Ivory Coast.

As it happens we can't accommodate them, however this looks dodgy to me so I wouldn't have accepted it anyway.

Taking young kids out of school for three months?

Someone fishing for bank details perhaps?

I thought I'd pass it on just in case it has been sent out to numerous others. I could be wrong but...


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Look, no bona-fide guest offers to pay in full in advance.

We reject all emails from Nigeria and the Ivory Coast...too dodgy and we do well enough without them to bother about the risk.

You are gonna be inundated with scam booking/etc enquiries now.

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 How about this one then, and with a yahoo.co.uk e-mail address.

 Good Day Mr and Mrs ,
 Well i will like to know if i can rent your property for 1 Month rental 
  start from 1 nov 2008 till 30 nov 2008 and if you know that your property 
  is not available for long time rent well i will like to know so that i can

  book your Bed and Breakfast for 2 weeks only , before i forget i will like

  to know if the property is available,  but if you know that the property 
  is not available from 1 nov , i will need to know the date that the 
  property will be available to rent , and we are 2 people only  looking 
  forward to hear from you sooner.
  thanks a lot

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This is same old scam that has been going around for ages : They will send you a cheque which will more than cover the cost, then they will ask you to send a cheque urgently to some 'agent'. You are supposed to do this before the rubber cheque bounces ! ! !

These scams often arrive after someone has put an ad somewhere selling, say, a boat, or other item of value. We have also had several gite ones which we have never bothered to answer.
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Letters from Africa are generally after one thing... Your bank account details! Do NOT give it to them! I get about one a week of letters from Africa telling me that they have a fortune to share with me if only I will share my bank details with them! lol!

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