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Gite swimming pool regulations


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We are thinking about building a couple of gites and allowing the tenants to use our swimming pool. Can anyone tell me what regulations I need to have in place for the pool over and above the usual ones? For instance  I have been told I need automatic ph and chlorine balance equipment. Thanks for all relevant info Mick

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This has been discussed quite a bit over on the swimming pool board.

To answer your question, you can certainly benefit from and automatic pH and chlorine dosing equipment but its not an obligation. Testing on the other hand of the 4 parameters is an obligation - that is daily testing.

Also things like accessable showers, pedilouvre (footbath) and accessable toilets, AFNOR compliant security, are often a requirement when applying for the planning for a commercial swimming pool. You will become under the gaze of the DDASS and its they who decide what you will and will not be doing with your pool, so I suspect its to them that you should direct your question.

Certainly, we do a great deal of these types of projects and can ensure that you are equipt to deal with any of the DDASS requirements, so If you need our help then PM me.





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