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Trying out a business risk-free


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Our lives have been turned upside down and we're returning to UK for the forseeable future.  We've just finished renovating our beautuful 5 bedroomed house in sw France which was purpose designed to either run as a b&b or run courses from.  We're considering renting long term but then thought it might make an interesting proposition for anyone thinking of coming to France to try out this way of life.  We thought that they could move in to a fully furnished house, with everything already set up (no investment to make), pay us rent which would cover out mortgage, and set up their own business and try it out for 2 years.  Then at the end, if it didn't suit them they could just move on, or if they loved it, we could work out an option to continue or even to buy.

It makes sense to me but am I missing something?  I know a proper legal agreeemnt would have to be drawn up but I'd appreciate any comments and or advice from members.


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