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Names on Post Boxes

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The post box thread has reminded me about my problems with keeping a permanent name plate.

At first we tried a ball-point pen written piece of paper behind the plastic cover - it soon faded and the ink started to run. Then we tried ink-jet printing a label - but no better. By this time the plastic cover had broken, no doubt as a result of frequent removal. The next stage was a"Dymo" embossed label which lasted a little longer but that faded fairly quickly.

The latest wheeze is an engraved brass look, probably plastic, self-adhesive label like:


This only cost about £1.79 in UK.

I thought the glue would soon expire and in the event was planning on fixing it back with a couple of small self-tapping screws. But a year or so on it's still clinging on well - I'm well chuffed.

If you fancy it, buy some for neighbours for Christmas and be the most popular Rosbif in the village.
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I resorted to writing our names on the letterbox flap with the fat red pencil Mr Clair uses for his DIY endeavours.

For some reasons, this has lasted over the last 18 months, whereas the indelible marker ink just faded away in the sunlight.

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[quote user="Nearly Retired I am now"]I always thought that a name tag on your post box was a deep rooted French tradition not to be messed with - a bit like two hour lunches, no idea what the penalty is for failing to comply.[/quote]

the only motivation I have is that I want to receive my mail, so I do what I need to to ensure whoever delivers it knows where to put it [:)].

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Oh what memories have been conjured up - we used to go on our Sunday School outing every year to Aberystwyth and always printed a name tag in the amusement arcade. It was a time of steam trains with pictures in the carriages, my brother always trying to see if he could squeeze himself into the luggage rack and tea in the town hall with buttered currant bread.

Obviously have given away my advanced years!

Back to original thread - most of our neighbours have their names scratched on their postboxes. We used stick-on letters and so far they have stayed on.
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[quote user="Chiefluwie"][quote user="sid"]

I remember these too!



Wow you must be really old!


Oh yes, but extremely well-preserved! [;-)]


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