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Which Tax Regime?

Matt E

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I'm very excited, but also have a head full of questions, because our dream of moving to France is about to come true.

To earn a living, we intend running a gîte, but I will also be starting up a wholesale/retail beer business from another part of the property.

As I will be registering for VAT and Duty payments as well as the appropriate licences, I don't believe I can use the Micro- or Auto-Entrepreneur status for the beer aspect of our activities, so would have Réel tax status?

Can anyone advise where the gîte business would sit?

Should it simply be declared to the Mairie and Préfecture as a sideline, or would my wife maybe set up her own tax regime?

I appreciate there will be differing responses and I trust it won't descend into the kind of arguments I have seen in other threads - many thanks for any advice you can offer!
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Thanks for responding.

Yes, now that things are moving ahead, I will certainly be appointing one, but wondered in the meantime whether anyone here had experience of such a combination.

The Mairie has no objection to the business I have described, so I just have to get my licence.
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