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Renovation schedule - order of works


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I've almost finished a major renovation project of a barn and was thinking back to the start of the project when I just didn't know where to start, what job to do first, the 'correct' order of work etc. It was all a bit overwhelming and difficult to focus. I'm sure many other people have been in the same boat and thought it might be helpful if a basic construction schedule could be fleshed out, with input from people like myself and the professionals - artisans. Having a good grasp of the order of works could mean better scheduling/devis of the trades; macon, electrician, plumber etc, and act as a checklist of jobs to do and things to buy.

I'm happy to have a first crack based on my humble experience. Feel free to contribute, with additions, deletions, re-ordering etc. and then I could summarise as a FAQ. BTW I'm in Brittany an am assuming converting a barn with mud floor and stone walls.

  • Plans - draw up building plans
  • Permits - obtain necessary permissions + fosse if necessary
  • Excavate floor
  • Holes in walls for PTT, Electrics, Water, Gaz, Drains
  • Lay hardcore/sand and soil pipes according to plan. If necessary gaine for water, electric.
  • Waterproof membrane, insulation and metal grid for concrete floor
  • Lay gaine for electric feeds from fusebox
  • Concrete floor
  • Openings for doors, windows
  • Fit doors and windows
  • Fit Veluxes
  • Upper floor(s) ceiling joists
  • Upper floor(s) internal studwork (metal or wood) + doors
  • Hidden cable and pipe runs (VMC, heating, water, waste, lights and power) as plan
  • Plasterboard ceilings + make loft hatch(es)
  • Plasterboard and insulate walls
  • Tape and joint or plaster walls and ceilings
  • Ground floor screed/chape
  • Ground floor studwork and internal doors/frames
  • Hidden cable and pipe runs (VMC heating, water, waste, lights and power) as plan
  • Insulate and plasterboard
  • Tape and joint/plaster
  • Floor tiling/grouting
  • Staircases (possibly earlier or later as may get damaged)
  • Fit showers/baths
  • Tile bathrooms
  • Fit remaining sanitaryware, toilets, basins...
  • Wood trims, architrave, etc.
  • Paint ceilings/walls throughout
  • Paint doors/frames thoughout
  • Fit door furniture
  • Upstairs flooring
  • Skirting boards and ceramic floor plinths
  • Fit electric switches, sockets, lights, TV points, PTT...
  • Fit kitchen cabinets
  • Kitchen worktops and sink + taps/hob and appliances (Dishwasher...)
  • Connect services, water, electric, ... and check and get inspections if necessary
  • Ceiling/loft insulation

I haven't mentioned roofing or temporary electrical/water supplies as in my case the roof was sound and I had a long extension lead!

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Might I add an Item?

Tell customer what the schedule is.

I have someone who is supposed to be doing a job for me. He has twice sent me an xls file with no data in it and thinks I am stupid enough not to know he is sending me empty files by way of stringing me along. Quite apart from the fact that I know the software inside out, I also used to be a teacher and have heard the 'but I thought I handed in my homework complete' too many times.

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