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large Sculptures cast in cement


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I've started making some large pieces in coloured cement blanc cast in moulds lined with black plastic to give a highly smooth finish.

So far my pieces have only been roughly 1/2 cubic meter in volume with steel reinforcing and additive to stop water getting in.

But my next piece is big, 3 cubic meters in volume so I'm wondering if anyone has any good tips for art with cement.

Any ideas welcome.

I can PM a visual of the piece if anyone is interested


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I didn't follow exactly what you meant, but take it to mean you are only just experimenting with the process.  If that is the case you may be interested to know of the Louis Derbre exhibits in Ernee (Dept 53 Mayenne) where no doubt more could be learned of the process.  Although it is near to me I have not yet visited it so cannot give any more info than that.

If I have completely misread your posting, plus you already know about M.Derbre, please ignore my reply.


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Cheers Weedon I shall follow up the lead.

I need some of the yellow wax used by fibre-glass mould makers but have no idea where to start looking in France or what it's called.

I need possibly 20kg or more.

It's a special wax that can be moulded by hand at room temperature for correcting mistakes in moulds.

I am making sculptures purely for my own pleasure as part of an interest I have in form and texture of the 'plastic arts'.

I've got enough land to have a little exhibition space where i can install my musical soundscapes and sculptures. i have no idea if anyone else likes what I do and no real interest in selling commercially but what I do makes my son smile and that's reward enough.

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