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Any one know any good tradesmen in Sarthe ( 72 )


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Hi SalvageMan

We had work done on our house at Ancinnes 72610 this year by local traders whom I can recommend.  They are all based near Alencon or points south.

Mason - Joel Guilloux 02 43 03 52 79

Roofing/carpentry/zincwork - M. Josselin of Entreprise Toit - 02 33 29 32 56

Electricity - Entreprise Vonthron 02 33 29 04 01

Plumbing - Entrreprise Payen 02 43 97 04 11

We used a very good menuisier for internal walling but they are based here in the village - not sure how far his men would travel - Philippe Lelievre 02 33 26 42 98

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I'm sure you've sorted this one by now but we are just coming to the end of having our house re-roofed (incluing 3 lucarnes) and can highly recommend Pascal Roussel of Alencon.  The standard and finish of his work is superb and once we had finally got him on site the lads have worked non-stop (no 2-hour lunches for them!)  We live mid-way between Alencon and Le Mans and travelling here has not been a problem for them.  02 33 28 08 88
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