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Re: Makes me sick - part 2


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hello i am new to the forum.i have read with interest all your comments re working brits in france.

i totally agree that the situation is wrong.but sadley france does not encourage people french and english alike to work legally.

i run a gite buisness and i am reg to pay all my social charges and if i hit the threshold the nessecary taxes i have been approched by people to do gardening and cleaning work and i will be happy to do so using the cheque employi system.

i know of other people that have used this system for jobs like this,and they are happy to know that they are being paid their share and then sending off the same to ursef.i have a friend in the area (english)who has reg as a macon and he reckons that he needs to earn 30,000 euros per year and after all the deducations and the hefty insurances he will be lucky to clear 8,000!!! not much to live on with wife and 3 kids.

i agree that if you knew somebody who was working totally on the black then i would be inclined to nod in the right direction,

but we found that when we employed french artisans that they all wanted to be paid half cheque and half cash as they could not afford to declare all their earnings..

i think this is a very heated subject and i understand that if you are paying your way you would be hacked off at the person who is not.i would be grateful if anybody can tell me more about cheque employi as i would like to know that if i did some gardening that i was working legally,as i do not want to buck the system.

i also hope being a newbie that i will not get ripped to shreds!!! or sworn at!!![:D]


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I'm guessing a bit here, but I would have thought that as you are already registered for your "gite" business, and as gardening and cleaning don't require any qualifications, you should simply be able to "stitch" them on to your existing registration, I can't see why not.


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    under the the terms of the Cheque d'Emploi system the employer has to contact their bank for a Cheque d'Emploi cheque book that he/she will then use to pay you, he/she will pay a percentage on top of what you are paid to URSAFF, it only really benefits an employer that is registered and paying tax so that he/she can then claim an allowance on the Cheque d'Emploi payment...clear as mud! There are also restrictions on how many hours you can work but I have yet to find that out, so far I have only done 8 hours in November. The employer will need your address, place of birth, date of birth, full name and the number from your carte vitalle (starts with a 1)

best of luck


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