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.We have purchased a house in ST Livrade and need a few

new windows all we need is some one to make them as well fit them

are selfs.

We are going over to the house end of Jan to measure upand if anyones

intrested in making the windows would you like to come over and measure

up or could we give you the details and you give us the cost.

Thanks Eddie ...[:D]
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Eddie - Not sure where you are based but look in www.pagesjaunes.fr and arrange for a local menusiere to come and give you a quote for supply and fix.

From experience, it's better to get the person who makes them to fit the windows as, if there are any problems it's down to them. If you fit them it may invalidate any guarantee.

Having said that though, if your window openings are a standard size you may be able to buy what you want from the bricos - have a look at www.lapeyre.fr for fenetres. Don't forget that in France they come with the frames.

Good luck.
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