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Checking Micro enterprise numbers


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I am sure a website for checking micro enterprise RM numbers must have been posted but I have used the search engines and trawled through some links but I can not find the website.  Can any one please let me know the web address.

I would also like the Siret web site for future use too!

If not already posted is this something this web site could keep seperate for other users.  

The micro enterprise roofer we chose, north west of Cahors, came highly recommended but after a 2 month delay and the usual story of its too wet, to hot, too busy etc I am left wondering if we should look elsewhere.  On a good note he did keep us informed.


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A micro entreprise such as a roofer needs a Siret/Siren just the same as any other business. The difference is basically turnover and accounting procedures. There may be confusion because TVA numbers are formed from the Siret, and micros are not generally TVA registered.

There are several sites that check the numbers. Perhaps the easiest to use (certainly the easiest URL to post) is www.infobilan.com . These sites will give very basic information - really just a check that a number is valid, and often some (not necessarily all) of the things that the business is registered to do. You can usually get the full details by paying a small fee.

It used to be the case that the checking sites were listed in the FAQ section of the forum so they could be easily accessible. Have you looked there?

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