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On the black or not.


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Cooperlola, you’re right of course and it was worth the effort. Shouldn't have been necessary but local conditions mean we have to adapt our ways to get what we want.

Pun, I don't see how you can do more than you are doing now. There will always be the 'unexpected' but these arise even with professionally managed renovation jobs.

Re working ‘on the black’

I personally have no moral issues with it.   I know that will no doubt horrify a lot of people on here but we live in a country that has very restrictive work practices and where good workers in many areas are hard to come by. This encourages an incredible amount of tax dodge at all levels of French society and not just among artisans.

The people I have met here often use registered artisans but pay them ‘cash in hand’ which is the same thing obviously.  Foreigners may condemn it but it seems very much to be ‘the French way’. 

The fact that this type of method is used by so many is due of course to the system. Love it or loathe it; that’s what many French people do. I wouldn’t have dared for insurance reasons and also because I refuse to take risks with my home. Nonetheless, many locals use friends of friends so having jobs gone wrong rectified, rarely seems to be a problem on a local level but I definitely wouldn’t recommend that foreigners do the same unless they have  enormous confidence in their artisan.

Having said that, I certainly wouldn’t condemn anyone that does.  It’s a risk and a headache but then trying to do things ‘legally’ in this country often proves to be a massive headache too.


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Hi   LanguedocGal2,

What a name, I bet you have a good secrete behind it,

But back to the black labour thing, I agree with you and until the system is sorted in france "if ever" black labour will be used.

Only 1hour ago the pool people arrived to point the edging slabs they 'd spent all day laying yesterday, (2 men started at 8-30-until-5pm) laying the edging.

it was a very very drawn out job and when they said we will return tomorrow to point the edging I said to my wife no wonder having pools fitted cost so much, the labour cost alone really is over the top,

As Ive said in the passed I did employ, and run my own company and like anyone who has worked for them selves you tend to put more in than an employee after all its you who has the profit after all out going /wages etc are payed, and so you have that get up and go thing and not the "I'll drag this out"

And as you said, no matter what way you do things here in france you always seem to have a problem, I wonder how many french people would like work done but say to hell with it, its just not worth the bother?

there must be millions of euro worth of work chucked away every year and the big boys like EDF and the local council type people are paying well over the odds for labour because of the way work is drawn out and taking for ever to do.

The french employers pay a hell of lot just to employ a worker in tax's alone and they all seem to have waiting list of people who want employment and if a job comes up these on the list have to be offered the job, or so Im told, so the employer has his problems.

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The system of charges for employers are a real deterrent but employment contracts themselves are also a minefield in this country. I would be afraid to employ anyone in France. Just have a look at the following: a sure cure for insomnia if you have to get your head around them all. 

I found this in Wikipedia so just click onto the links for explanations.  Reading the press, I get the impression that there is a lot of govt-assisted work (subsidised jobs) in France even within the private sector, so I wonder what the true unemployment rate really is? No govt ever admits to this in any case but I suspect the truth here would be horrific.

It’s no surprise that so many try to find ways around them by employing illegally. Something's gotta give...

Les différents types de contrats en France

  • Le chèque emploi-service est un mode de paiement du salaire et des charges simplifié, utilisé en général pour les employés de maison ; mais il ne s'agit pas d'un contrat spécifique, l'employé et l'employeur doivent tout de même signer un contrat de travail.
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Hi LDG2,

I see what you mean, that list really would give you a head ache,

I had a really good chat with the boss of the company thats just finished the pool here, He was full of sorry and then told me his men have 2 more weeks holiday to take this month, Im wondering if this is a french holiday or just his workerforce,

Like you I'd hate to have a company in france.

Well am I pleased this pool is in and I can now get on with the rest of this gite stuff,  Ive work to do outside that can be done inspite of the weather, ie tree's to  prune, and a pile of left over rubble left from the last owner  and things like this to keep me going until the weather gets better, if the ground would dryout would help but when I look at the british weather I think to myself how lucky we are.

Well co.co time talk to you soon ,

regards Pun.

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