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Contemplating moving to France!!!!


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I'm a Joiner/Foreman (also taught at college) and my partner is an Electrician, any ideas as to the best areas to find work, what requirements are stipulated before comencing employment/self employment?

Considering the Languedoc-Roussillon or maybe Aquitaine areas. The idea of doing a renovation project for myself is also a possibility, run enough of these in the uk, but  france could be a different matter lol.

Any help/sugesstions would be greatly appreciated.

PS what is this Black Market workers thing anyway? Unregistered labour? If so, how do I register and would the E101 form be okay as a start?


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Hello there.

Working on the black is indeed unregistered labour. It's rife here due to the crazy taxation system.

Anyhow, learn some French and you'll be laughing. You're in the one industry that actually pays in France! Read through all the posts on translating qualifications and setting up a business for yourself way in advance of moving over here.

Try and post something in the South Eastern forum for info on living in the Languedoc.

Good luck mate. [:)]

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