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Just looking into applying for a Siret no. and getting abit confused!

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but as i understand it all of the "hats" I wear as a general builder/joiner have to be covered in the siret and by insurance. So........ Does this mean I have to have a completely different siret for each function I perform?

I can understand having listings of works in your insurance, you have to pick a category for that in the uk.

Suppose it's easier to list my experience and hope that someone out there can give a hand in sorting it out lol

I place myself at the mery of this forum!

Been a joiner for over 16 years,

1st, 2nd and final fix, (Don't do roofing anymore, ankles are what they used to be!!!)

kitchen fitting

timber frame construction,


Dry lining and metal stud and track walls,

Suspended ceilings

Timber floor laying

Thats just a few of the things I do, then there are the usual add on roles, decorator, remedial plasterwork etc

So, any ideas?

Thanks in anticipation




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You're basically a carpernter? I'd suggest that you visit your local chambre de metiers & register as that. You can add whatever you like (provided you are qualified/can prove experience in it). Insurance (mandatory) is likely to have significant cost implications if you try to register as eveything, however. (As an example, a general builder can pay 4000€/pa, as "only" an electrician I pay about 650€/pa).


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Most deçenelle policies have headings with several metiers listed below which you have to declare that you are carrying out and its for this you pay  which then soon adds up. We are general builders doing many trades so our yearly bill for this is well over 4100€ because although for example Maçonnerie is the general heading it takes in different types of skills and sections. In menuisier too we have declare whether we work with just timber or with PVC too.
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Thanks Val

Any information is a bonus and allows me to progress without  making a mess of it and being stuck with a condescending "Anglais!!" label lol

 I am aware I will probably get that label no matter what, but can minimise the occurrance, due to my mistakes, by understanding the rules etc. as much as possible.

Fore Warned is Fore Armed!



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Hi Chris

I've just been through the process your considering. You'll need to have trade qualifications to register with the chambre de metiers, translated by an official translator of course. My city & guilds was accepted no question. If you don't have the formal qualifications you can ask your accountant or employer in the UK for a declaration of competence. Then do the 5 day stage at the chambre de metiers. After this you can register & get your siret within about a week (can someone explain the ad's marked 'siret en cours' that you see for months on end?)

Looking at the list of tasks, I would say you'd have to be covered under a policy for charpentier & menuisier, shop around for quotes but I reckon you'll be looking at €2000 - 2500 per year for civil liability & decennale cover. Think long & hard about the work you are realistically going to do,  as it's expensive to cover yourself for work you might or might not do. I've decided to limit myself to menuisier & it's chopped the insurance 'down' to €1000 a year. There's still plenty of work in this to fill my time!

I wish you the best of luck with whatever you decide to do mate

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