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Is there a requirement to "Engineer" foundations for new domestic works?

I am planning some two storey cavity block work and am looking to build on trench fill footings unless there is a requirement to go to steel reinforcement.

I notice that the soil is a clay matrix however have not heard much of clay shrinkage subsidence in France.

We will go down a nominal 1500mm from ground level on a fairly level site.

Any comments / Ideas?

As always greatly appreciated,



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We have very stable chalk soil but none the less everyone around here uses steel reinforcing "semelles de fondations".

I believe that it is required under the Normes but cannot confirm.

I would like to meet this Norme one day! Everybody seems to have an opinion on him but never anything in writing (French people I mean).

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AHA another misconception bites the dust!

I notice that there seem to be a lot of ready made lightweight reinforcement "Cages" available, I wonder if this is what is used although push comes to shove I can make my own with re-bar and links but would likely fetch these from UK as I Havent got a scooby where to source them in France.

Thanks one and all

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