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Artisans daily rate charge


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hi ty,its quite common to use a compressor with a hopper to squirt whatever product you use to point,it as to go in the machine quite sloppy and is messy but it gets the job done a lot quicker, trouble comes when you try to get the effect you want theres so much done it goes off on you unless they have a few men brushing it out,you can end up with a job looking half right and the stone looking all clean from a distance when its just covered in new crap.thats why i say have a look at some of there work and make sure your happy with it,and by the way  the person who replied is right its not rocket science if your able bodied you could do it your self,if your any were near me im doing my own all next week you or any body that wants to learn is wellcome to call for a brew and a look .ps i am assuming that this is pierre apperont if its like english pointing forget every thing ive said it would have to go in by hand

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Having been in the building game for 30 years  in the uk

And now just having fun doing up the house and living in france (24)

I have just pointed all are stone walls, Thankfully we have lots of glass in on of the barns that forms are home .

In total it cost us for 170 m2 less than 4 euros m2 for all materials .

This included taking apart walls where cracks were and rebuilding and not just doing the franch thing and pouring cement in and saying that that would sort it

But then we used the aggregate  in its natural state as it came out of the ground , unwashed or graded .

A bit more work but then that’s how it had been done for years .


And of course that did not include my labour and was by hand not mechanical

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  Thanks for the laugh TK.


And so... how much chap per m2 would a U.K pro charge or any other info to help us determine  the correct price for France...



Like the price in the UK would give us any idea as to what hard working artisans would need paying in France.

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Yes.. thats so true! 

How much? is such a popular question...

I am now printing a leaflet, to give to anyone who tells me, my price is too high...

It tells the sorry tale of social charges and costs... oh woe is me!

Let us pray... Dear Dick Smith...

I wish to reduce my body mass and at the same time make a living from an entreprise.

Is it true that I may start a business in France and earn so little because of all the social and unsocial charges that I am forced to eat nothing but raw veg and carrion...

Yours in gest


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( Based on actual experience when working as a builders labourer back in the 53rd state...).......

If I did not know that you Allegedly have green fingers ,I would say that sadly your

Sounding like the far to many Alleged artisans that set up in France with the past expertise as  labourers from the uk.


My post was to sow the material costs did not amount to much .

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Are you pissed...?

I hold an R.H.S certificate and several other professional horticultural awards...

I once however found myself having to work for a general builder... he taught me many things...like just what total sharks the typical small builder is...

Glueing roof slates back together with mastic and using Co-op washing up liquid for an additive in cement.

I was only a labourer...

Go on smart ass..

Give us all your quote for the work previously described and put us all to rest...

Typical general builder type...

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went to the chambre de metiers to register my enterprise and they recommended a minimum of 30€ per hour if there was to be any chance of the business succeeding.the black workers on the buildings here charge 150€ a day "skilled" and 100€ a day for labourers. My business is mainly contract grasscutting and there are no end of desperate amateurs who are willing to undercut me and work for next to nothing whilst claiming benefits etc on the side.
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