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Any people project planning or trades folks thinking on stocking up?

I am not fully au fait with the whys and wherefores but am told Focus Do it All are having a liquidation sale, certainly our local (Waterlooville) store is being systematically cleaned out.

Pretty good prices on tools and things like taps / electrical / lighting. I am unsure what they will do with the items left at the end of Jan when our  store closes but I will be there with a transit van to 'help'

I have today bought a Black and Decker compressor, air line , nailer a Mutt bar (Like a very big heavy scraper can be used for root cutting and things like that), a Heavy tamping iron for localised compacting of soil / tarmac etc. and some drawer handles = £90 plus change

Thought I would mention it in case there's people Franceside with Relatives/friends here who could take a look and grab them a bargain.


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