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working in france


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Can any one help we are planning to move to the south west of france in the summer my husband is a carpenter and want to do this in france but is also willing to do other building services.

We have heard that becoming self employed is very expensive for taxs but have also heard about micro bussiness can any one tell me about them??how much can you earn a year??



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I wouldn't get to excited. I have just watched the news on TF1 (13:00hr) and they spent 20 minutes just on un-employment in France and the big growth numbers. Don't think for one minute France is not suffering from the recession because it is just as much as the UK especially with regards to work. The had a lady in APNE saying there was no work, they were talking about several companies laying off staff. Renault has big problems just like UK car manufacturers. They interviewed a guy with has a big hire shop who said as house building dramatically slows down he is finding it difficult to hire out equipment and is laying staff off. The reports where from Northern, Central and Southern France so it's not just a regional thing.

Basically if you are looking to move to France and (need to) work I would wait a year or two until things recover a bit. As the recession has come to France after the UK I would suggest that it may depart France after the UK. The grass is not greener on the other side of the fence or in this case the channel at the moment.

I didn't bother with the high cost of starting up a business as it is covered elsewhere.

Probably not what the OP wants to hear I know but you have to be realistic.

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