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auto entrepener or micro individuelle


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I am about to move out of my house so i can start my business from it.I live near the coast in Hossegor(north of Birriatz)the surf capital of Europe.For July and August the house will become a surf camp for the rest of the year cheap backpackers accomodation.Income from this should be about €30,000 a year.I have a mortgage on the property and overall running cost including mortgage is about 18,000.

I need advice on how to go about this as the French accountants i have been put in touch with are not overly helpful.

I know with the auto entrep. for a service max. income is €32,000 and tax is about 21% of income.

With the micro indiv. i am a bit lost with setting up cost and claiming tax back.

Any help would be grateful.

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Autoentrepreneur is merely a micro entreprise (following the micro-social payments system) with a simplified registration procedure.

The same basic rules - e.g. taxes and cotisations are based on turnover, not profit - and turnover limits apply throughout all the variations on the micro regimes. The way tax etc is calculated varies slightly but the end result is the same (though those in the first couple of years of a standard micro-BIC or -BNC might disagree).

If you want to claim back costs and/or TVA then you need to steer clear of the micro systems.

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