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Auto entrepreneur ... Can I provide different services?


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I'm looking into paying my taxes in France, and I currently run a rental business (employed by my parents) , I want to register as an auto entrepreneur, and invoice them out for my services, which is fine, but I also may have struck a deal selling a lot of wine back to the UK, again I would only be invoicing my services, not buying and selling...is this possible on auto entrepreneur, and what do I need to tell the Chamber of comerce what I will be doing?

Sales Manager???

PS I'm aware of limits to how much I can earn on this scheme.

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The wine thing sounds like you will be some sort of agent commercial. This is most commonly found in immo agencies but there are other ways to be an agent commercial. I think it's possible under AE but you still have to register as an agent. I hope someone with more direct knowledge will be able to answer.

As you seem to be aware, you'll need to keep the actual buying & selling well away from your turnover, but invoicing as an agent should be fine.

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