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Are all you gite & villa owners with swimming pools aware of the "new" French government legislation.
I say "new" because the publicicing of this requirement has been pitiful to say the least. The law was passed on 19/12/02 and as I read it, states that from 1/1/04 all rented properties must have a permanent physical barrier between a child and an inground swimming pool. All other forms of protection (alarms etc) should be additional to the barrier. The maximum penalty for breaking this law is a fine of 45,000
If anyone has a more definitive interpretation I would be very interested to hear from them as finding the facts on this matter has proved to be far from simple.
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>Are all you gite & villa
>owners with swimming pools aware
>of the "new" French government

Hi Steve - There was quite a bit of discussion here regarding the new legislation requirements earlier in the summer. Maybe click on the search item and key in swimming pool legislation.

>I say "new" because the publicicing
>of this requirement has been
>pitiful to say the least.
>The law was passed on
>19/12/02 and as I read
>it, states that from 1/1/04
>all rented properties must have
>a permanent physical barrier between
>a child and an inground
>swimming pool. All other forms
>of protection (alarms etc) should
>be additional to the barrier.
>The maximum penalty for breaking
>this law is a fine
>of 45,000

There was a page about this in the Charente Libre, our "local" paper. It just said that swimming pools would have to be fenced so that young children wouldn't fall in and drown - there have been several deaths in France - but didn't stipulate what size fence. New swimming pools this year and existing pools next year. Correct me someone if I'm wrong but AFAIK all pools are going to have to be fenced eventually.

>If anyone has a more definitive
>interpretation I would be very
>interested to hear from them
>as finding the facts on
>this matter has proved to
>be far from simple.

May come up in your search.

Regards - Helen (who unfortunately can't fit one in unless she gets rid of the chickens or the veggie patch!!)

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We have recently recieved a note from Brittany Ferries, with whom we advertise, informing us that if we do not comply with the new regulations then our advert can not be placed in the new brochure. We have had to sign and return a form to confirm that we comply - to rules which we don't yet know.

We have a fully fenced pool, which we think will comply, but then they may change the rules.

I think it is important to remember that this rule is being put in place for safety reasons. i have 2 young children myself, and the thought of a child drowning in my pool does not bear thinking of. Remember it is not just your children or those staying with you, a child in our village drowned in a pool because is got through the hedge (leylandia type) and fell in an unattended pool.

A fence may be expensive but it is worth it.

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LAST EDITED ON 25-Sep-03 AT 10:33 AM (GMT)

we're discussing with a pool builder on installing a pool and just this week we discussed the issue of safety systems.

In fact the likelyhood is that 2 primary systems will be agreed. Either a) a fence, which BTW has to be a strict maximum distance from the edge of the pool(and has be specifically approved type/height with specifc gate lock) or b) a hard sliding cover. He has said that either of these can be presented to the mairie as proof that a security system is in place(which is now the required process for new builds). Other covers may become standard over time.

Currently only the fence is standardised but the hard sliding cover will become standard in the next few months.


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