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DIY Fencing


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We are in the process of buying a gite with a pool.  At present it doesn't have any sort of legal security and we are considering a fence as the best option.  However, our attempts to get a devis from local pool companies have come to nought - they seem to be too busy.  One option is to buy the fencing from Castorama and do the work ourselves.  However, I read on 1 pool Company's website that we would need to 'self-certify' the standard of the fencing or our insurance would be invalid.  Of course there was no explanation about how to self-certify. 

Has anyone out there experience of installing their own fencing?  What problems were encountered and overcome?

Any help gratefully received.

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Self certification is very difficult as you need to get a copy of the AFNOR regulations NF P 90-306 and ensure that what you construct meets the norm in every way. If you build in wood for instance then this is relatively easy, if expensive. If you choose any other material you must be able to prove, if challenged, that the materials used have been tested to the requirements of the norm. Without sending them off for testing, and it's arduous and expensive, there is no way you can do this.

If it's a gite, then you need to install a self closing gate. This must be tested through 50,000 cycles to meet the norm.

The other difficulty you would have should someone drown in your pool, and there were 172 drowing incidents in private pools in 2003 resulting in 52 deaths, is that there would be a major enquiry and the onus would be on you to prove that the protection that you were legally required to have in place was adequate... Without an 'attestation de conformite' from LNE, or one of the other approved testing labs, you would be on very shaky ground.

All in all a very difficult and potentially dangerous course to follow.

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