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How do we keep our 3m paddling pool clear of murk?

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We have one of those round 3mx1m blow-up pools for lolling around in for 2-3 weeks in the Summer. We find after 4-5 days it starts turning green with algae. As we only use it for a short time, I wasn't keen on spending too much on some way of keeping it reasonably clear. I've been looking around in DIY stores (in the UK) for some sort of electric filter but have drawn a blank. Anyone have any ideas?

I also wondered whether it is possible to simply pour in some pool chlorinating chemicals and do without a filter for this relatively short time. If this latter method has worked for anyone do you know what exactly I should buy and what is the required concentration ?



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I am afraid that even if you use anti-algea clorinators, it will only turn your green algea into grey algea. It would then have to be filtered, to make the water clear.

I bought my 16 foot rubber pool from Lecelerc which included all chemicals, skimmer, net and vacuum cleaner for E199, which I have now realised to be a real bargain and I don't know how I would have managed this Summer without it!

I think you can buy the filters separately for about E69, as I have seen them advertised in someones promotional catalogues. I do think in the long run that you will have to get hold of one!

I think you mentioned 3 weeks use! Think more like 3 months'!


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As mentioned by the other posters, I you want to use the water for any longer than a few days then you going to have to add chlorine and filter.

Most garden shops, bricos, gamm Vert and even Carrefore have versions which are cheap enough for this job. But its a health issue and you'll need to invest a little to keep for someone getting sick from junk in the water.

The kit should last a few years so you'll get your moneys worth, but to my mind its just not worth the risk.

If you want to upgrade to a more serious pool of course I can be of more help.


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