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automatic chlorinators


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Could someone give me some advice on the automatic chlorinators I keep

hearing about. We have an above ground 5m pool with a sand filter. Over

the winter we close it down whilst we are in the UK.   Up

until now I have only been using bleach and the odd chlorine tablet to

keep it running. As we only use it for about 5 or 6 weeks I have not

bothered doing anymore. Each time we go home I turn it all off. When we

return it is the same game of uncovering the pool to find a nice green

soup. The filter manages to clear it after a couple of days. We are now

looking at having family and friends over to use the house and thought

it would be could to keep the pool running for the summer.

Unfortunately we don't have anyone local enough to keep an eye on it. I

have plumbed the filter all in and the pump is on a timer. If I could

connect it up to one of these chlorinators could it be left for a

number of weeks? How much are they?

It would be nice to be able to turn up and find that I had one less job

to do before the hundreds of other ones that are waiting.



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Hi mark

The best guy to help with this one is poolguy, he is an all knowing being when it comes to pools!!!

That said, we are researching into the auto chlorinators at the moment and have been quoted prices from 1700 to 2300 euros for use with an inground pool.  They are different manufacturers, so we are still 'looking into' the differences between the two.  PM me if you want further info, don't want to upset the forum moderators with advertising! 


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Kimberley I have posted requesting the same information, tried to google today, limited time due to business commitments, and now I am totally confused, can you not post references now?

It would be in the best interest of pool owners to receive this information on open forum, in as much as; no interested parties miss out, non?



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If you really want to know how these devices work and how they will change the way you use your pool then PM me.

Its the 'Purest water possible' and its no work.

There are plenty of people who have them and they will tell you.

Sanitising manually is just too expensive in time and money, not to mention that it can be frustrating or even dangerous if you get it wrong.



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