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We would like a 10 x 5m pool with a cover and roman steps and a good size terrace for our house in Dept 31 for this summer. We are advised to go for DesJoyaux and have information in outline from them. We also have an option from a builer for one that would have the pump and filter in the garage he is to build soon and this could be ceramic lined or with  liner like DesJoyaux. His price appears to be about 25% cheaper.  We are concerned that whilst DesJoyaux appear to be able to handle the whole project and offer a 10 year guarantee the other option would be a possible risk. Should we expect a guarantee from the builder?

Looking at previous postings DesJoyaux have a mixed write up and we are keen to make the right decision. Our intial preference is to avoid risk and go for a solution that is guaranteed to be succesfful over the long term. Are there better solutions to DesJoyaux that will handle the whole project and give a solid guarantee?

Any ideas on a fair price would be most welcome!

Can anyone help with recommendations based on good experience that includes excellent after sales service please?





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try www.waterair.fr   they do very good pools, DIY or they'll install. I have one of their pools and am very happy with it.

The only thing i didn't like was their filtration system which i replaced with an excellent system from poolguy, who also sells and instals pools.

Andrew is a real good guy and says it as it is.

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