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skimmer nets and robots

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I think somebody on this forum mentioned using skimmer nets in the skimmer baskets, but I can't find the post I'm thinking of.  Does anyone know where you can buy such nets (and are they disposable or reusable?)

Secondly, my pool company recomments a Polaris 280 robot.  Does anyone have any experience of this particular pool cleaner?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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It was I who recommended the skimmer nets, you should be able to get them at any good pool shop. They are available at disposable ones, but I opted for the ones that you re-use after washing out. They cost around 9-10 euros each, I have 4 so I always have them available. They do save a lot of debris going into the pre filter and filter, which means less backwashing, so less water wastage.

I had a Polaris 280 robot, and frankly it was a major dissappointment, I always had to finish the cleaning by manual vacuuming, but perhaps I did not have it set up properly, and my pool is a tad complicated, lots of corners ledges etc, which are not ideal with most robots. Robots just love pools with flat bottoms.

I eventually gave up with the Polaris when there was a leak in the system that could not be detected.

I cut my losses and purchased an electric robot, not cheap, but around the same price as having a polaris fitted.

It does agreat job, and does not interfere with the filtration.

I would be happy to PM you with details.

I have no commercial interests in either skimmer nets or electric robots.

Hope this helps.

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"Netskim" skimmer basket nets:


are available from Everblue franchises.  To find your nearest franchise dealer go to:

http://www.everblue.com/fr/ and click on Le Réseau.

They also have a range of robots for sale, including the Polaris 280 @ 1326€ TC

see http://www.everblue.com/fr/printemps/printemps2007/catalogue-robot-pg10-p07.htm

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Like JJ

I too have a major problem with Polaris and the other forms of the pressurised robots.

I do not think that they are value for money and have visited too many customers who have experienced insoluble difficulties.

Consequently, when offering robots I only offer aspiration style robots and electricly driven models


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