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permanent pool, tempory pool ?

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Question is when does a pool installation change from on the ground tempory installation to a permanent installed pool neading to comply with the regulations?. The reason i ask is i would like to buy one of the above ground alluminium type pools about 4m diameter then install some kind of raised deck around one part to form a platform. Is this acceptable or do i then need to complyh with the regulations. Thanks

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Hi Sniffy,

We've done exactly that and yes we've complied with the regs as though it was an 'inground' pool. I think the criteria is anything that is less than 600mm above the ground/deck is then technically an inground pool. I'm sure that's what you didn't want to hear![;-)]

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As I understand it it's all to do with whether you can secure the pool, so for an in ground you need the required fencing or security cover etc. so that you can make in inaccessible.  For above ground you need to be able to remove steps or stop access to the pool or deck in your case, we are planning an above ground and are looking into it now, we intend to have a deck but will make sure the steps to it can be secured., access from all the other sides is obviously restricted due to the nature of it being above the ground.  I also understand that if you make any ground works to partially put the pool into the ground it becomes considered in ground with the associated planing restrictions etc.

Someone more knowledgeable should add to this but this is my understanding.


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