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Andy Allen

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I purchased a Zodiac X2 Voyager last year, it is the same model as the Zodiac Indigo, but comes with an extra set of foam scrubbers and a spare bag, which is very useful, and it retails for the same price.

A fantastic piece of kit, before I had a Polaris, and to be frank, the Polaris did nowhere near as good a lob as the electric robot.

Shop around though as prices vary, the autumn is a good time to buy as the prices seem to come down a little.

Buying on the internet will be cheaper, but after sales service is a lot easier if you buy from a pool shop or other specialist.

I know of at least 5 other pool owners locally who have the same model and swear by them. The foam scrubbers last about a season and cost about 50 euros to replace, which to be frank is a rip off for what they are, and when you consider how much you spend buying the machine in the first place.

But no one ever said running a pool was a cheap business.


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I am not too sure what the Plus Battery one is. I assume that it is the Dolphin cordless. If it is the same type of thing as the Dolphin Diagonistic 2000 then I would recomend it. We have one with the cable, the 2000, and it is great.

You just chuck it in the pool and walk away for 6 hours. It wanderes about the pool and all you have to do at the end is to take it out of the pool, upside down or it does chuck some of the rubbish back as you lift it out, and hose the filter bag out. The battery version sounds great but the cable is not a problem, you just throw all but the bit you plug into the power caddy into the pool along with the Dolphin and wrap it up again afterwards.

They are a bit more expensive than some, but you pays yer money and for my part you get what you pay for with ths one...

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I have to concur with my friends above who either choose an aspiration robot that Mickey sugested - cheap and good.

or an electric robot which is dearer but goes everywhere and doesn't need any plumbing.

Steer clear with all your strength from the Polaris range (or any other

brand using a pressure line) which, even though very popular will give

no end of trouble - its not the polaris robot itself but rather the

system concept of a pressure line that is the problem. I have a long

list of clients who have suffered un reasonably from owning a polaris

and the remedy is usally more than the cost of the entire system again.

I'll help you if I can


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