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Cost of in-ground pool


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This question has undoubtedly been asked before, but can anybody give me a rough price guide for the installation of a decent quality in-ground pool. Probably about 10m x 5m. The area it would be fitted in is currently reasonably flat grass and there would be the need to remove one medium sized cherry tree. Water and drainage links are about 15m away from the site.

Wild guess anyone please?

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Hi Gus,


We had ours installed in February this year (8 x 4.1) and it cost 19,065 euros.  We then had the ground work (like you, flat grassed area) at a cost of 4,200 euros.  Excellent workmanship - can't complain although I didn't think it would be as expensive as this at the outset!  Couldn't do without it now though. 

From start to finish it only took 4 days although we did get the terrace done afterwards (another 5000 euros) which took another 2 days.

Don't know if this is the average cost or not but we are in the Var (83) and things do tend to be a bit more costly!

Enjoy your pool (eventually). 



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We used a company recommended to us by a French friend that had their pool installed by them saying that they arrived when they said they would, worked all day (not only a couple of hours at a time!!) and that the end result was perfect and I can only agree on all points.  They were fairly local to us (30km) but I don't know if they are national - "Ariane Piscines".  Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.




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I have been researching pools as we plan to move to France next year. Have you thought about building your own as that would cut a third of the cost off apparently? Cristal pools I discovered are quite popular if you want to go down the DIY route.
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I really don't agree that WaterAir pools are easy to install.    They may be as difficult, or easy, as any other home-build inground pool (I can't say for sure because this is the first, and last, pool I will ever help to self-build!), but I don't think they are easy.       Not knocking WaterAir, their customer service before AND after has been extremely good, everything they supplied was delivered on time, in perfect shape, etc etc.

The only point I would contest is 'easy' to install.       Frustrating., hard work, difficult with just a man and a woman at times (and I am wee but strong), instructions very difficult to follow.    

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Where in France are you, perhaps we can help you or make some helpful suggestions but it all depends on the region.

Fiona obviously put in a resin Monocoque, 4-5 days is about right, but

it is definately not DIY - truck with a crane and all, too much to go

wrong. For a panel and liner pool like the others, they are easier to

get right but take more time(10 days minimum). These kits is a big

'mechano set', but you need some skills and tools. One of the

fundamental requirements is to get the hole right, an experienced

digger driver can make the job a pleasure or a nightmare with a stroke

of his bucket.

One of the major problems I see (as Mikey might agree) is that the

standard kits in france as so under specified that you'll end up having

to improve the circulation and filtration later. I always specifiy the

best circulation from the outset as its very expensive to change later

if you decide after a season or so that your circulation is not man

enough for the quantity of water in the pool and the situation. Vis;

all the water in the pool should pass through the filter each 3 hours.

If the pool you are looking at offers less than that, I would suggest

that you are buying a poor quality solution and consequently your

health and that of other bathers (specially the young and sensitive)

cannot be guaranteed likewise. Pool builders in this country have a lot

to learn about health standards which are commonplace in the rest of

the world I fear.

How much you want to spend is an open ended question, it depends on

your requiements but its sure that if its your first pool, you need

professional advise to make the right choices, as its an expensive

purchase and its there forever. If you get it wrong, its will be a

recuring nightmare and you'll be paying more forever, if you get it

right then it can be the pleasure you've always dreamed about. I

suggest you fix your budget and try to work with it.


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I agree with poolguy about the standard of filtration supplied with the kits, i found the filtration supplied was not enough for my 11x5 pool, poolguy sorted me out with the mother of all filtration systems.

However i certainly found the pool very easy to fit, with my average DIY skills, and i fitted it on my own, would have been easier with an extra pair of hands though.


Good luck in whatever you go for.




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we have had three quotes in the past two months for a 12x6rectangle in -ground pool with a deep end of of 1.8 and safety cover, the cost was between 57-65,000 euro's,not including tiles or pump room/box.we then had a quote for a 10x5 again this is before we add the extra's i.e tiles etc and the price was 47,000.two of the quotes were from french company's.Having spoken to several french and english friends these are not abnormal prices.i have been advised that whatever price you think its going to be you should double it that way there is no nasty surprises.I hope this helps.

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Our pool is just being completed, taken several weeks what with some rain storms and the 'french pace' of working.  We have a 8x4 rectangle as I wanted maximum swim area for our garden, its exceptional quality and is now looking good.  Awkward trying to supervise from across the water !!! Thank goodness for great French neighbours.  Its a Magiline pool, I believe in letting the experts do the job, all to our own and all that, and you can go on the website to view type and method of build etc.  We are in the South East near Perpignan by the sea with good climate.  Dont know much about how to keep it, treat it etc. but will soon find our of course.  Cost, well complete it was 31000 euro, but that was with all ground work, technics, filtration, robo, and finishing off etc.  Expensive, but again its the South so a bit more expensive.

Hope that helps.

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