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Solar Heating a Swimming pool


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Thought I would report back to those peopl who asked.

A pool with the evacuated Tube Solar array was reporting better then 90°C out of the the array, 65°C into the heat exchanger and 32°C returned to the pool ..............and thats in February.

I was amazed as I did not think these results were acheivable so easily.

Its getting so that we have to rethink the panel sizing downwards.






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Hi Andrew

Thanks for the info.. is the 32 into the pool?? in which case what was the temp of the pool (output) and the gain over air temperature??

I'm very interested but concerned that the gain by using super efficient (and expensive) evacuated panels is lost by having to then pass it all through a super inefficient heat exchanger.




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Thanks for the Question David

A bit more on the system (its the same system which would be required on your 12x6 pool)

It constitutes 4 panels 30 tubes each 58mm dia. The output of the panels is125kw
The flow rate out of the array comes from an enclosed pressurised circuit connecting the panels was
4.2 cub /hour,
The pool circuit was 17m2/hour through the heat exchanger

The air temp was between 8-14°C and the panels were South facing.

So the result was that the return to the pool 32 °C was roughly 1/3 the output temp of the panel.

I hope that this answers your questions.

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