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above ground pool worth cleaning/repairing

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we have bought a house which has an above ground pool, but in a bad condition!!

It has lots of debris in it and rips in the liner.

What i really want to know is:

a) is it worth repairing and what what to use to clean it up?

b)what equipment would i need to buy ie: filter /pump etc to make it useable?

c)the cost of useing it ?



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if its that bad then bin it. It is possible to buy a new liner, but may not be worth it - it should have a small filter/pump unit - we look after a couple and as the pumps & filters are usually smal, they take a lot of filtering and work - depending on number of people using them.


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I would bin it. If you wait a month or two you will start to see them in the supermarkets and DIY stores. They get cheaper every year, we got one last year for 199 Euros and that was 5M. Ok not the biggest in the world but then if it leaks when we unpack it this year I shall bin it and buy another.
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