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Swimming pool planning rules


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Hi I'm looking into building a pool and understand there are some planning rules to adhere to. The one I'm interested is the minimum distance between the pool and your neighbours fence. My understanding is that the minimum is 3 metres. Can anybody confirm that or provide a link to a list of the rules?

Also does anyone have experience of building with polystyrene blocks? Apparently you use reinforced concrete in to give them strength?

Any info gratefully received


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Yes the rule (in general terms) is 3 meters from the boundary but there are some exceptions - this is France after all. If you are further than that from the boundary then you will not go far wrong.

Polystyrene block construction is a good method, particulary for DIY, there are some do's and don'ts but most of it is common sence and will provide a solid structure for a liner.

No particular advantage over a panel pool though, as strength in the side walls (structure) is not a tremendous issue so long as the backfilling hase been done properly and with the correct material.  Mak sure that you get the treated blocks so that you don't build a nice home for rodents to nest in you pool strucure. I you want some more detailed help then PM me you details and I will be happy to get back to you.


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