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leaking pool

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i have noticed when filling up my pool each day the level drops just below the skimmer level.i have filled it again today and within 2 hrs it has dropped 2 inches.do you think i have a problem with the skimmer pipework? i am unable to call back at the moment the guy who fitted the pool as we are fully booked with our gites and i cannot afford work around the pool.we have a 10 year guarantee.i don't think it can be the liner as i have checked as best as poss and cannot see a problem.

would welcome poolguys opinion.or any other chaps who might have a solution

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Its certain that you have a leak from that amount of water escaping.

There are many possibilities, not just the pipe work. It could be the gasket around the skimmer box is not sealed, or one of the seams of the liner or even a hole. To know for sure you will have to have an electrostatic leak detection test under taken - not cheap. Most probably (but not definately) the leak is around the waterline where it rests.

To get some answers a syringe of die can be bought that will indicate a leak pathway but this is not reliable.

If the pool is new then its a warantee problem, but if its not then its unlikley that the pool company would undertake an intervention under warantee arguing misuse, but its asticky one.

If you need help then let me know.



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