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ANOTHER thermal cutout switch

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Hi all.

Does anyone know of a place other than Waterair to order pump thermal cutout switches? We replaced a couple last year and now I am trying to get the pool up and running again after winter it looks like another one has bust. The pump is a P50-1 and the Waterair part number is 0000007931. It only costs 18 Euros (or 140 if they come out to fit it) but if you replace a few it starts to add up, and when you look at the things they must cost cents to manufacture.
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No I havent tried yet, the problem only arose yesterday and when i dug out the invoice we had for the last one I was thinking along the same lines as you, that it is just a cutout switch and must be available cheaper than that. My wife phoned waterair today and its not 18 Euros any more, it is 30!!!!!

So I ll check electrical suppliers like Farnell tomorrow.

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As the chap that started the thread on the other thermal cut out switch, I thought I'd put in my five cents!!!

I took the part number off the offending item, a tiny bi-metal switch in essence, and Googled it. Eventually I found a company that was willing to sell me a couple, 1 (ONE!!!!) Euro each! The whole pump had cost 690 Euros, and the thermal switch was the only thing wrong. I casually mentioned that I might experiment with having the old pump filter the pool, as well as around a 40 metre length of black hose, to see if it would work as a heating system, to which I was sent six free samples, from China.

If there's a number on it, or even if there isn't, someone somewhere HAS to make the things, it's just finding them, but it's worth the effort!!

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