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Sunsoka wooden pools


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Having considered the alternatives and the cost of excavation for a more permanent in ground pool I am tempted by the Sunsoka wooden kit pools marketed in the UK but to be delivered to my second home in France.

Can anyone out there who has had a similar pool sent out to France for assembly there please comment on the experience?

It is likely to be used for only a few weeks during each summer so spending a huge amount of money on a different type of manufacture does not seem to make sense particularly as I will be replacing an existing pool same size.I already have a safety cover, pump, filter etc.

All helpful comments welcome.
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Hi Sophie, just a warning for you re. Sunsoka pools.  A few weeks ago they went into liquidation, and we have now lost £3000 deposit that we put down with them for a pool to be delivered to France.  The previous MD -  made all sorts of promises to us that were a complete load of b----t

Having got our fingers very badly burned with Sunsoka (we should have paid the deposit with a credit card, which would have given us some protection, but we didn't) - we are now looking at other French pool companies for a similar product.

Good luck!

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