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And you thought your pool was dirty?

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Been asked to recommission a pool that has been unused "for a while".

Got there to find water resembling something I was forced to eat by the school dinner lady many years ago. "A while" I would think would be 3 or 4 years by the look of it.

Got some pumps in to drain it....


Overnight pumping left me with something like Aberdeen harbour at low tide...




Tiles are coming off in a few areas....


Its an "infinity" pool, and the overspill gutter now has trees growing in it....


Seemingly it used to look like this.....


The pump house....couldnt get any pics as the lights dont work, but it looks like the engine room of a submarine. Pipes, taps, pumps and various other things I havent the foggiest about are everywhere.

Should be fun.

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Yes, it was stunning before. The new security fence totally gashes the view now though. I will suggest it gets binned and replaced with an alarm if needed.

Just had to google A Good Year and its seemingly filmed in Provence, so no, not this one.

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