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Any chem experts care to explain how this works? It's advertised as chlorine enriched with active oxygen (hydrogen persulphate) I personally don't think that's possible as peroxide has always killed chlorine in my experience.


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Its a multi action chlorine tab, usual stabiliser, anti algae and a bit of floc with extra oxidising power courtesy of Potassium peroxymonosulfate (MPS) not hydrogen peroxide.  MPS is a better oxidiser than chlorine but a poorer sanitiser.  I use MPS if I need to shock the pool before guests are arriving it helps burn up combined chlorines and regenerates some of the chlorine too.

 More expensive than chlorine but can be used together as a formidable force in some tricky situations, However taking the text from Ovytwin:

"chlorine is an effective disinfectant it eliminates all traces of bacteria"

So why pay out more money for something you don't need?

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