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Winter pool management


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As we are new to maintaining a pool we would appreciate some guidance to a few questions we have:

Do you need to keep the pump running through the winter months.

We are about to put the winter cover on and are wondering if it is best to be laid over the summer cover or not.

And what is the process of adding chemicals over winter.

Thank you

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Well Braco, none of the pool specialists have answered, so I'll simply tell you what I do (which works for me):

  • No, shut down the pump (we have a monobloc system, so I remove the pump), but neighbours just close their's down
  • Just the winter cover
  • No chemicals  - at least not for me. I 'dump' 50%+ of the water in April & re-fill.  Start again in the Spring.

Hope that helps.  Everyone will have their own regime which works for them though.

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Just to add to the other respondents.

I do add a "Hiverage" product into the water as I find it helps reduce the amount of Algae come Spring time.

I leave the water level as it is and let the overflow do its job over the Winter.

Come Spring I "Waste" about 25% of the water as I am "hoovering" the dirt away , after brushing the walls.

I also turn off all the valves in the pump room ( blank off the returns in the skimmers and cleaner socket first ).

I also drain the pump and filter of water and clean the filter pads ready for next season.

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