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Hi Folks,

Due to an unexpected loosening of purse strings, we are looking to install an in-ground pool (as opposed to original Hors Sol). We have have looked at Ambiance pools (thanks Mikej) and like the concept. The only thing nagging at the back of my mind is that we could, in 2013, do better reference insulation, extended season and efficiency. We are not convinced by 10 x 5 or 12 x 6, since it is for swimming, so are considering 12 x 4.

Within 5m of the "signed off" site are a raised cellar with 3 phase electric and water, also a fosse septique tank (which didn't get the Maire upset or the permis to be rejected).

So, I would be grateful if professional, insured installers contact us by PM to discuss the project, obviously I don't want to waste your time if your proposed budgets (before site visit) are more exotic than our piggy bank will support.

After near 20 years collecting devis in France, please do not be upset if we wish to visit previous examples of your work.


Located near Chef-Boutonne.
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So considering all you have said, you need to call Andy [removed] as he is about the only one I know who can fullfill all of your requirements at the moment.

Don't be surprised however when you are asked to pay for the site visit as I understand it, his services are in demand. I think that the last one he built was 14 x 7 but there might also be one of his quite near to you.

Anyway, good luck with that one.


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Mike J,

Thank you for PM & personal, positive review of Ambiance Pools.


I have watched your posts, some are very informative but many just seem to be referrals. Are you a company over here building, designing or repairing swimming pools and spas? Are you paid for referrals? are you based in France or UK? I ask these questions because, as a private individual, I am intriqued when somebody is labelled "Oracle" ...


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